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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a fashion addict and an avid social media user. I love keeping up with the latest fashion trends and Labels Co. is my way of sharing all of your favourite Instagramers’ trendiest looks with you. You might ask, “what is Labels Co.?”. It’s simple! Let’s get right into it.   

Being a devoted follower to countless Instagramers that inspire me with their style, I’ve been disappointed more than once that I couldn’t get my hands on the items I was looking for. Watching the growing popularity of Instagramers and their influence, I told myself that something was missing. I needed to find a way to streamline the online shopping experience for my fellow fashionistas. 

So I came up with a simple solution: I would collaborate with online trendsetters to bring you all of their complete fashion looks. Every week, on our website, Labels Co. recommends several daily looks and all the details that go along with them including pricing, brands, where to buy, and more. Say goodbye to endless searching! In a few simple clicks, you can buy your favourite Instagramers’ complete looks and be dressed to the nines. It’s that easy!  

How many times have you scoured the web trying to find the right look for a special occasion only to find yourself uninspired and right back to where you began? I don’t know about you, but it’s happened to me a million times over! Labels Co.’s mission is to provide you with inspiration no matter your style or the occasion you’re shopping for. Whether you’re looking for something trendy to wear to fashion week, the perfect outfit for a music festival, or even casual and comfortable clothes for everyday wear, we’ve got you covered. Labels Co. will provide with the inspiration you need, week by week. From minimalist to eclectic, our Instagram collaborators know which clothes and accessories are right for you and will help you perfect your fashion style in no time. Finally, a platform that inspires you to live a simpler life! 

I am so excited to launch this platform and I hope that you will be just as excited as I am when you discover all the hidden gems it has to offer. Please follow Labels Co. (@labels_co) on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to get all the latest news, fashion tips, contest information and more!

I look forward to inspiring you each new week and making your online shopping experience a little bit easier and a lot better. 

See you soon!

Stéphanie (@sturcoco)


Stéphanie Turcotte

Stéphanie is the founder of Labels Co. Specialised in marketing and public relations, this entrepreneur is determined to combine her passion for fashion with her expertise in strategic development.  Her goal - to share with you the best and latest fashion trends of Instagramers - is the sole purpose of Labels Co.