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Now that the holiday season is over, it’s time to get back to our routines and cleanse our bodies of the copious amounts of food, alcohol and yule logs we ingested. One of the biggest casualties? Our skin! To get your healthy glow back, we suggest trying the “SeaSource Detox Spa” line by Arbonne. Arbonne is an eco-friendly company that delivers pure products made from organic botanical ingredients. These are not only free of parabens, gluten, GMOS and toxins, but certified vegan as well!

Arbonne’s consultant Anick Berube offered us the opportunity to try few products and here are the ones that we truly think will help you start your year right.

Foaming Sea Salt Scrub – SeaSource Detox Spa

This exfoliating scrub contains tiny natural minerals that gently unclog your pores to reveal clean skin. Since the minerals are so small, it allows them to slide smoothly onto your skin with minimal pressure from your hands. This makes it the perfect cleanser for all skin types including sensitive skin. If you are not a fan of harsh exfoliators, this is for you as its texture is similar to a shower gel with some added power.  Soft and smooth right out of the shower!

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Detoxifying Rescue Wash – SeaSource Detox Spa

This shower gel is made of sea algae extracts that instantly soften your skin. This subtly fresh scented wash has a hydrating formula that soothes your skin while removing all impurities. It comes in a bottle with a convenient pump dispenser that allows you to easily use it in the shower without waste. All in all, this is an excellent, light and effective body wash. 

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Sea Mud Face & Body Mask – SeaSource Detox Spa

This deep cleansing mud mask works hard to draw out impurities stuck on the surface of your skin. This mask is light in texture but don’t be fooled, only a small quantity is needed to cover large areas. Not only is this mask suitable for all skin types, but it’s ideal for your face as well as your body and leaves you with silky smooth skin. Having sensitive skin myself, this mask left my skin feeling hydrated, firm, radiant and soft without in the least bit dried out. 

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Fortifying Hair Mask – SeaSource Detox Spa

Made with shea butter and soy proteins, this mask revitalizes to reveal lustrous and radiant hair. The mask has a subtle scent and a thick, heavy texture. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you may need to apply a more generous amount of product in order to insure that your hair is covered from roots to ends. Once your hair dries, the results are unmistakable: hydrated, shiny, voluminous hair. 

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Arbonne has a multitude of products available for your skin, body and hair care needs. Arbonne also offers makeup, sun protection and even nutritious foods! To learn more, follow this link to their website.

- Marilyn