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For women, shopping can be somewhat of a challenge. We often find ourselves unsatisfied with the outfit we’ve chosen, or our outfit doesn’t turn out the way we had pictured it in our head. Life would be much simpler if every morning, someone could pick our outfit for us. Well lucky for us, that’s exactly what Frank + Oak has created with their Style Plan. Their Style Plan is a personalized, easy and hassle-free way to shop for styles inspired by modern trends.

Frank + Oak is a Montreal-based clothing company founded in 2012. They create and manufacture their own designs in their Montreal workshop. They offer various types of clothing from essentials to more sophisticated styles for both men and women. The company also has a face and body care line as well as other lifestyle products.

The Style Plan

The Style Plan was created in order to bring you an easier and more enjoyable shopping experience.  The Plan helps you pick pieces of clothing that you love.  

By subscribing to the Style Plan, you can take advantage of a great selection of clothing and accessories at 25% off the regular price. For $89 a month, you will receive 5 tokens. Each piece of clothing is worth a certain number of tokens (for example 1 t-shirt is worth 1 token). You can simply exchange your tokens for the items you want (up to four recommended items). If there’s a month where nothing catches your eye, simply save your tokens to use them the following month. You can also skip a month without paying the monthly fee or cancel your subscription at anytime.

Every 1st of the month, you will have access to Frank + Oak’s new collection and the Style Plan will provide you with its recommendations. All you have to do is choose pieces that you love and your items will be shipped directly to your house free of charge. Once you receive your items, if there is anything that doesn’t fit or isn’t for you, you can return the items with no extra fees. Additionally, if you require any assistance while shopping online, Frank + Oak stylists are available by Live Chat to answer any of your questions.

The Style Plan is an ingenious idea for anyone that loves the Frank + Oak brand and loves to save on style. The program also helps you keep up with the new collections and simplifies your shopping experience. It’s a new and unique way to shop online.

If you would like to subscribe to the Frank + Oak plan, click here and save $30 on your first month.  For more information, visit Frank + Oak's website.

Happy Shopping!

- Marilyn