I don’t know about you guys, but here at Labels Co. we are obsessed with shoes! Getting a brand new pair of shoes is our guilty pleasure. This style accessory knows how to complete a look like no other. Whether you opt for comfortable, daring, high-heeled, casual, leather or even velvet shoes you’ll never run out of choices!

Here are 6 trendy shoe styles inspired by top of the industry designers that we hope you will try the next time you’re out shopping.


Wraparound shoes

We absolutely love shoes that wraparound the ankle! They highlight the foot and create a seamless look. It’s an easy and subtle way to enhance a shoe and it makes your outfit stand out.


Flatforms are back! Flatforms have a thick, even sole across the foot. You can have the height and be comfortable all at once!



Platforms, just like flatforms, are making their comeback. Platforms add height across the foot as well, with the heel of the foot raised higher then at the toes. These make them much more comfortable than our typical stilettos. You can be daring by choosing velvet platforms to make your outfit even more unique!

Socks and sandals

Talk about going back in time…. are we in the movie Grease? We are loving socks and sandals! The key to this look is to carefully pick out your pair of socks. Dainty, light pairs of cotton, lace, fishnet or even ruffled socks are best to create this look. Add a nice pair of sandals and it’s that easy!

Flat mules

These easy-to-put on shoes are an all-around must in your wardrobes and can already be seen on our favourite Instragrammers. Flat mules come in a multitude of options such as open-toe, square-toe or round-toe. They pair well with just about anything and they are perfect for any occasion. You can even go a step further by opting for mules with fur accents (or better yet faux fur!).

Suede sneakers

At the moment, suede is in. and better yet? Suede sneakers! For fans of the sporty look, suede sneakers are an easy way to diversify your look. We think that the suede sneaker can easily replace the famous white leather sneaker that has been in style for many seasons now.

- Marilyn