If there is one accessory is never truly out of style, it’s a watch. On top of being able to provide us with the time, it has been our favourite arm candy for quite a while now, and has become an indispensable part of our look. Whether in gold, silver, rose gold or leather there is a watch for everyone because they go well with any type of style. Here are 10 of our favourite watches that we think you need in your life. 


Daniel Wellington

Make room for pink watches! The black dial on this watch allows it to pair well with casual looks during the day and glamour looks at night. 

The Horse

Who said we can’t add marble wherever we want it? Marble lovers, this watch will make you fall in love.

Harpers & Brooks

Without a doubt, the luxury grey wool strap on this watch is unique and exceptional. For added comfort, the inside of the strap is lined with leather. This is a watch that will definitely be noticed by all.

Barbas & Zacári

For a classic look, try this watch with a leather strap. Its simplicity makes this watch perfect for any look. And the best part? Its got an interchangeable strap in case you get tired of the colour!


This watch also has a leather strap but in a lighter colour. The pale colour makes this watch perfect for spring outfits. 


We love velvet! This navy blue, velvety strap blends perfectly with the gold accents on the watch. Velvet is trending right now and will always add a touch of style to simple and casual looks.


In our opinion, this is the ideal everyday watch. The beautiful rose gold adds a touch of class and luxury to this watch. It’s comfortable for daily wear and can be worn with any style for any occasion.


When wearing this watch, it will be clear to everyone around you that you have style. The black and gold mix is perfect if you are into modern styles. It has an elegant and upscale look.  

Olivia Burton

This watch offers a feminine and sophisticated look thanks to its meshed silver bracelet. The blending of the white, rose gold and silver exudes lightness and purity.


Once again, rose gold has found its place on a watch and we are loving it! This watch is bigger than the other ones in our top 10, but it is equally feminine and comes in different colours as well.

- Marilyn