Most of us are drawn to shopping in well known, popular stores over local boutiques. Well it’s time to change that by directing our purchasing power to propel our own economy. There are tons of Canadian companies that offer stand-out, quality products and we are here to help you discover them! Here are 10 Canadian companies that we think you should get to know a little bit better.



Founded in Montreal in 2013, Woolfell offers a variety of useful products such as backpacks, pencil cases and other durable accessories all made from waterproof materials.



Odelayo is a company founded on 3 principles: comfort, quality and perfection. Their clothing is classic but laid-back and cozy at the same time. Thanks to Odelayo, we can now go to work feeling stylish but also as though we are still in our pajamas!


Lovan M

Conceived and made in Montreal, Lovan M offers trendy fashion and accessories for women. Their collections are simple but chic and can be easily worn with different styles.



Dans le sac

If ever there was a company capable of influencing consumer lifestyle, this is it. Dans le Sac makes different kinds of reusable bags made from natural Quebec cotton. They offer affordable prices as a way to encourage reduced consumption of plastic around the world. We should all follow the initiative of the 2 entrepreneurs that founded this company.



With Quebec winters, it’s essential to stay warm and Audvik knows how to do it. They offer endless collections of coats for men and women. Their jackets feel light when worn but this does not affect their ability to provide maximum heating.




This company offers handmade, bohemian clothing that is sure to bring warmth and happiness in your life. Get ready for summer with their collections made of light fabrics in an abundance of bright colours. For festivals, patio season or the beach, these clothes can be worn for any occasion!



For those of us that love thick knitted scarfs, Lutricot is for you. Each of their knits are made from organic merino wool and 100% handmade. Each knit is perfectly made to be super soft and super comfortable.


Betina Lou

Betina Lou is a company that offers high quality, casual, feminine clothing. Their clothing is made from natural, renewable and biodegradable materials and offered in timeless colours. Betty Lou also makes a wide range of products such as jewellery, accessories, home decor and body products.


Pony Mtl

As a business, Pony exudes creativity and authenticity. They have relaxed, humoristic clothing, so you are sure to stand out when you are wearing a Pony top! In addition to their clothing, Pony offers everything from bags to cellphone cases to calendars and more. A great company to discover!


Poches et Fils

At Poches et fils, the concept is simple: Pick a pocket, pick a top and its colour, put the two together and that’s it! There is a plethora of pockets to choose from so you are sure to find one that pleases!  

- Marilyn