Finally, the end of winter is near! Spring is almost here and with a new season comes new trends. We’re just as excited as you are to uncover some new outfits of the day. We’ve kept watch on the runways of industry-leading designers and we’ve compiled 8 trends most likely to take Spring 2017 by storm. Which ones you choose to wear is up to you!


Statement Shoulders

This season we are putting accents on the shoulders. Whether they are oversized, squared or rounded, all that matters is that they stand out. You can also try shoulder pads to elevate your every day look.

Sheer Tops

Ladies, get out your prettiest bralettes because sheer tops are going to be a huge trend this season. Colour-wise, it’s best to stick with dark coloured undergarments to remain discreet and avoid being too flashy.  


Stripes are officially back in our lives and we are loving it. Prepare yourselves because you will soon see stripes in all sizes and directions. Style tip: go for vertical lines, which tend to thin out your silhouette.

One Shoulder

Inspired by the off-the-shoulder look, make way for garments that leave one shoulder covered and the other one exposed. This mysterious and attractive look will not go unnoticed.

Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants will undoubtedly be one of this spring’s essentials. They enhance your silhouette by structuring your waist, giving you tremendous style. For fans of the tomboy look, these pants can be worn with a t-shirt and a pair of moccasins for a winning look.


What’s better than lounging in pyjamas all day? Well, now you can without anyone taking notice, because the pyjama look is hereby in. You’ll be able to spend your day in comfort while still remaining trendy!

Statement Sleeves

With the arrival of flared and slit sleeves, it’s now possible to rock simple looks while still being unique and stylish. This season you’ll be seeing these sleeves on both dresses and blouses.

Waist Belts

Waist belts are back to add a finishing touch to your outfit. Felt, leather, or rope, you can add this trendy accessory to your skirt or pants to accentuate your waist. Your silhouette will never look better!

- Marilyn