Cold is one of your skin’s worst enemies. It completely removes its moisture and dries it out. So what’s the solution? Vichy’s Aqualia Thermal skincare line. Vichy is an environmentally-conscious company that carries varying products for the face and body all containing thermal water formulas. Thermal water contains numerous minerals that calm, protect and regenerate your skin to make it flawless. To know more about their line of products, visit Vichy’s website.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal

Here are a few of my favourite products from the Aqualia Thermal skincare line.  

Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream

This cream is perfect for dry skin. It provides 48h of hydration making your skin smooth and radiant. This cream is light and has a gel-like texture. Apply a small quantity morning and night to washed skin and you will see the results instantly. Your face will feel fresh and soft. Aside from the efficiency of the product, it is delivered in a lovely package with a mirror on the lid so you never have to miss a spot.

Aqualia Thermal Awakening Eye Balm

This balm is one of my favourites products. It is the best way to hydrate the sensible areas of the face. Not only does it moisturize the contour of your eyes but it helps you start your day looking fresh. It diminishes under eye circles, awakens tired morning eyes and helps decrease under eye bags. The balm does not cause any redness, has a discreet odor and absorbs well into the skin.

Aqualia Thermal Extrasensitive

This cream provides much needed moisture for extrasensitive skin. By soothing and hydrating the skin, it prevents redness and dry skin. Only a small quantity is required to cover your entire face. It comes in a useful pump format which prevents bacteria from entering the cream and this keeps the cream fresh. Just like the awakening eye balm, this cream does not irritate the skin. 

- Marilyn