It’s a name you might have already noticed while shopping in boutiques on St. Denis or St. Laurent. Or perhaps you’ve noticed bloggers Carolane Stratis from “Ton Petit Look” or Gabrielle Lacasse from “Dentelle + Fleurs” wearing a beret that caught your eye.  

For me, Portfranc is a recent discovery and it was love at first sight. I was instantly drawn to not only their European styles but also the company’s vision and their values. Their number one mission is to bring you beautiful, unique clothing and accessories all the while remaining conscious of their social and environmental impact.  

Portfranc - Slippers

Founded in Montreal in 2015, Portfranc’s aims to provide a platform for the meticulous and devoted work of European artisans that want to gain popularity in Canada.  Portfranc perfectly combines sustainability with traditional and modern esthetics. Portfranc imports products from countries across Europe such as France, England, Italy, Spain and Austria, with all products being made in workshops with good working conditions. Portfranc strives to encourage slow fashion.

Being conscious of the terrible impacts that cargo ships have on the environment, Portfranc created the first ever 21st century oil-free commercial route between France and Canada by sail. After 50 days at sea, the Picton Castle arrived to Quebec City filled with exclusive products such as hats, slippers, rain coats and more.  I don’t know about you guys but when your striped knited sweater is transported by sailboat it gives a whole new meaning to nautical style!

One of my absolute favourite products sold on the Portfranc website is their SUPER comfortable wool slippers. Even though summer is almost here and we want to free our little toes of shoes, these are worth the buy. I recommend you take advantage of the current promotions on the different styles being sold and I would also suggest to size down on your usual shoe size because they do tend to stretch.

If you’re like me and you’ve fallen in love with spirit of this company, please visit their website to find a great selection of clothing, accessories and home items. Don’t forget to subscribe to their Facebook page ( and their Instagram account (@portfranc) to stay up to date with their promotions. 

- Stéphanie