Every season, new fashion trends pop up - some that we love, others… not so much. Depending on our taste and style, we carefully select trendy pieces to help spice up our wardrobe and perfect our looks.

Naturally, here at Labels Co., we have several darlings for fall. Inspired by Instagramers and trendsetters, here are 5 of our favourite fashion trends for this season, along with some great fashion items that might peak your interest and shorten your search for style this autumn!

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Throw it back with some velvet this fall. This material is making its comeback in stores and among Instagramers.  It is an absolute must in our wardrobe. With its warm look, velvet can be found in all kinds of clothing and accessories: dresses, tank-tops, boots, chokers … Just make sure you’re not wearing them all at the same time! ;)


Ruffles are back again this season and we absolutely love them! Tops and dresses adorned with ruffles on the chest, shoulders or arms will add a touch of femininity and elegance to your look. Instagramers like to wear these voluminous tops with a straight-cut pant to define and accentuate their figure!

Ankle Booties

Ankle booties are all over the streets this fall and are very popular among the trendiest Instagramers. It’s an absolute and universal must! Leather, velvet, latex … there are ankle booties for every person and style. Worn with a skirt or cropped and flared pants, booties are about to become your next sweetheart.

Fringed Jeans

Fringed jeans are perfect for lovers of straight-cut pants that want to add a hint of swagger to their relaxed appearance. Paired with a chic pair of heels, these jeans dress your ankles beautifully and give freshness to your look.

Flared Sleeves

Without a doubt, flared sleeves will make their mark this season. Whether they are on a blouse or a dress, they’ll give a trendy but refined look to your outfit. They might look hard to pull off but don’t worry: Match them with simple items, wear them with confidence and that’s all it takes.  

On that note, happy shopping! 

Stephanie (@sturcoco)